This past weekend Morgxn released “A New Way,” a track he’s referred to as his most personal release ever. Given that his emotive voice and empathetic songwriting are both two of Morgxn’s greatest strengths, a such a description of his new single would suggest it’s particularly potent and powerful.

It absolutely is!

Morgxn spoke to Billboard about the making of “A New Way”:

“It’s funny how something so personal can be so hard to talk about. I’ve never created anything more personal in my entire life, and there’s something very scary about that. I asked myself if I should be holding back, but the reason I make music is to express something that I feel and something that is real.

The last few years — somewhere after losing my dad and finding that my music is connecting with people — there was this level of pressure that came with putting myself out there. Like, the world is falling apart, I have a voice, and I don’t know how to help it. That’s what “New Way” means to me: you can feel hurt and you can feel scared, but you should do something about it and make the world a better place.”

Check out the track here:

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