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The next installment of one of Minnesota’s finest exports has hit blu-ray just in time for Turkey Day! That’s right, today Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 12: The Gauntlet comes to home media thanks to a special release from Shout! Factory.

Premiering on Netflix originally, this season’s “Gauntlet” concept is itself a commentary on the binge-watching consumption method today’s viewers have taken to shows. Given MST3K’s razor sharp wit on the bleeding edge of commentary, their barrage of barbs, quips, references and riffs will be targeting:

Mac and Me

Atlantic Rim

Lords of the Deep

The Day Time Ended

Killer Fish

Ator, the Fighting Eagle

Get your copy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 12: The Gauntlet direct from Shout! Factory as part of their Turkey Day Sale here! Watch the Season 12 trailer below:

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