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We’re less than two weeks away from the 2018 Zombie Pub Crawl. A magical time for the undead and brain-curious,  the ZPC brings out the wildest adulation of wicked fun, serves with a side of refreshing local brews that could make the dead rise!

Every year there’s always a substantial amount of hip-hop happening at the Zombie Pub Crawl, and for the 2018 installment on SaturdayOctober 13, that tradition continues! Learn more and get your tickets while they last here:

Boom-bap brain-consumption has plenty of nods throughout hip-hop history, and one of the all time greats is the overlooked Nas track “Black Zombie.” Originally recorded for the double-disc version of 1999’s i am…, an early bootleg hitting both the streets and the emerging wild west known as the internet caused the entire project to be retooled with many great songs, like “Black Zombie,” hitting the cutting room floor.

While it eventually did see the light of day on the stellar odds-and-ends Nas collection The Lost Tapes, “Black Zombie” still gets somewhat lost in the avalanche of outstanding Nas material. A fierce critique on the internalization of systematic racism, it also benefits from a stellar Hill, Inc. production and a genuine ear-worm of a hook.

If you’ve never heard it, get ready for a new favorite Nas track:


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