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Imagine what it would take to be sick of NasIllmatic?

To profess such a sentiment would be blasphemous in most hip-hop circles, but we’re giving a pass in this sole instance because it’s coming from the artist who actually made it.

That’s right, Nas has finally hit his limit with Illmatic tributes.

As Nas told Haute Living:

“I’m tired of celebrating it…I’m grateful, but it has started to take on a life of its own. I just did the 20th anniversary with the National Symphony Orchestra five years ago and, the next thing you know, five years go by and it’s a calendar that I didn’t ask for showing me how fast time moves. Twenty-five years is a lifetime…So I did another Symphony Orchestra show for Illmatic this year; I got another plaque for it. I’m very grateful — it’s so crazy — but to celebrate one album when I’ve made over 10, all the things I’ve worked on — and I’ve been working for so long — to celebrate one album over all else is corny to me. I don’t want to celebrate another Illmatic anything. I’m done. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for appreciating that record, but it’s over.”

Check out Nas on the cover of Haute Living below:


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