Photo: Darin Kamnetz

Listen, I don’t know for sure.  TOP’s record label isn’t talking, but we do have hints. Or maybe it’s better to call them clues. Either way, if you go to Twenty One Pilots website and search Friday the 13th, error messages saying, “im dropping the album… friday july 13 silent ones,” pop up. This led to fan theories about a month ago, saying that the album was coming out on July 13th, which makes sense because that’s exactly what the error messages said. But some of the Skeleton Clique wasn’t convinced.  Then this past Friday, July 6th, subscribers to TOP’s newsletter got a message that read, “Are you still Sleeping?”   If you remember, the bands very last tweet posted on July 5th, 2017, was about Sleepers.


Based on all these clues, I believe Twenty One Pilots are going to be releasing new music this week. Either way, I’m pretty sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

xo – Christy Taylor

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