Year of the Migos part II continues with the latest offering from Quavo. He’s joined by Nicki Minaj on “She For Keeps.” Offering a much lighter tone than their previous collaboration, “Motor Sport,” this cut from the compilation album, Quality Control, is a playful ditty about romance and faithfulness.

Quavo’s coolness transcends generations and Nicki proves to be a timeless beauty for an aesthetically fun and unexpected clip. He plays a non-copyright-threatening Nintendo Entertainment System, shares fries at a ’50s diner, and emulates a presidential drive in the ’60s.

Quavo’s had a busy week, having to prove online today that he didn’t lose money to Drake after placing a friendly wager on the Alabama-Georgia game. As for Nicki, rumors are continuing to swirl that she’s going to drop her new album unexpectedly any day now. 

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