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It’s always rough when one of your parents gets dragged into your $50K+ lawsuit.

In legal action spanning almost a decade, Cahuenga Inc. is suing Nicki Minaj for her not delivering on an agreement to host a 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend in Hollywood. According to the original documents, which were made public in August 2014, Minaj showed up an hour late to the event, and did not stay for the agreed-upon amount of time. Minaj was paid $53,050 for the appearance, which the company is trying to recoup in addition to other damages such as refunds claims and lost revenue.

The company claims that their efforts to serve Nicki the papers directly have been obstructed for months due to her “bodyguards and personal security” as well as her touring schedule.

So, when they went to Nicki’s home in October, they found Carol Maraj, her Mother.

Currently, Nicki’s lawyers are claiming her mother isn’t authorized to accept the service. Cahuenga has responded by petitioning for a judge to either validate the service or grant them additional time to account for Nicki’s elusiveness.

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