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Allegedly due to issues clearing a sample, Nicki Minaj announced late last night that her Queen album, originally scheduled for August 10, has been pushed back a week to August 17.

Accompanied by a poll where her listeners were in a dead-heat regarding whether to release the project Friday without the song in question – which Nicki said contains a Tracy Chapman sample –  or wait for the project to be complete, Nicki released the following statement:

So there’s a record on Queen that features 1 of the greatest of all-time. Had no clue it samples the legendary Tracy Chapman – do I keep my date and lose the record? Or do I lose the record and keep my date? Do we push #Queen back 1 week? Ugh, I’m torn y’all help

This is the second time Queen has been pushed back – the album was originally set for a June 15 release. Now, this one week delay pits Nicki in direct competition with her “Bed” collaborator Ariana Grande.

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