Since the #StayAtHome orders began, few artists have been at the forefront of finding their way in the new world as Nur-D. Between his streamed performance, Nur-D recorded a new release, Trapped In My Room!

Go 95.3‘s Chaz Kangas spoke with Nur-D about everything that went into the new release. Check out the interview below and be sure to bump Trapped In My Room at the bottom!

How you holdin’ up?

I think it changes day to day. Sometimes are good, sometimes are bad. There are some wicked highs and lows as far as emotions go, but I think that’s par for course with something like this.

I can say that almost everyday I stop and think to myself “Wow…this is really happening. I’m living through something that the WORLD will talk about long after I’m gone.”
This is not the first apocalypse I’ve lived through but still it’s something to step back and think about for sure.

A midst all the cancellations and tumultuous changes in the current climate, when did you decide to put together a full project?

I think it was around the second live streamed show during the Nur-D Quarantined World Tour that I really started to think about it.  Once the third show came and I had artists having to back out it really hit me that if I didn’t want my story to be over I had to fight for it.
If there was gonna be an “other side” to this I wanted to be there with something to show for it. Something new. Something that will be able to counted in the history of this time that proves that I was there and still making music during the thick of it.

Were there any unexpected challenges once you started recording ‘Trapped in my Room?’ Was anything easier than you anticipated?

(laughs) Yes. I had no studio. I had an old beat up mic that I recorded my very first mixtape on. Trying to create a space where things can sound nice in a little apartment that wasn’t built for that was tough.

Writing was easier than I thought. I had been in a bit of a weird spot creatively but the sudden lack of pressure of things no longer able to be “perfect” really helped me to open up and start putting pencil to paper.

Between the Quarantine World Tour shows and the Paisley Park streaming performance, did being one of the most visible live music performers have any influence on shaping the project?

It certainly encouraged me to do it. Seeing the numbers of people tuning into to all of these events, hundreds of people all around the world really lit a fire in me. It let me know that there were still people out there that wanted to hear music from me.
Also, it helped me kind of strike the right tone for the project too. I could tell that people wanted more than just a couple of tunes about nothing in particular. They wanted fun but also something real, something for now.

What advice would you have for any artists currently stuck at home who feel unable to scratch that creative itch?

I would say that it’s ok to feel stuck, we all feel that way. So much is going on right now, anyone worth it would understand you taking a break right now.
However, good music is based off of real experiences. You are currently living through a time in history that is unprecedented and there could be some real powerful art trapped inside what you’re going through.
If you feel you can, maybe it’s time to push yourself. There is currently a high demand for content and you could make fine life-long fans right now. If making music is the dream for you I would do whatever I could to not miss out on the, hopefully, once in a lifetime opportunity to put out something special.

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