Ben had a sex dream about his number neighbor. Things get awkward when she calls and left him a message.

Minnesota health official says you shouldn’t poop in the lake. Did we REALLY need that reminder?

$1000 Minute: We gave away the GRAND PRIZE Monday, so we’re building a new one. So far we have a VIP Box at The Armory to see Social Distortion and Flogging Molly! Jas from Eagan played for the first time, ever!

WOULD YOU RATHER WEDNESDAY: You see a lot of kids on leashes at the MN State Fair. Would Dana rather be on a leash at the Fair or have to brush one of the Carnies toothless mouth with his own toothbrush?

RADIO NAMES: We just came back from Morning Show Boot Camp and wondered why all the radio people have fake names. If we had a fake radio name, these would be the list we’d choose from.

You won’t believe what some people have seen others do at our local lakes. All of them involve nastiness and this is why Ben REFUSES to swim in them.

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