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Hip-hop fans with a fondness for the 90’s were stunned today with the news of 1992 Reform Party Presidential Candidate H. Ross Perot‘s death. Known for his unmistakable voice and the classic impressions of him by Saturday Night Live‘s Dana Carvey and All That‘s Katrina Johnson, Perot’s self-made billionaire independent spirit was a favorite namedrop among rappers of a certain age.

Today, we look back at some of hip-hop’s top Ross Perot references.

Perot was 89.


JAY-Z – “The Bounce”

“Business mind of a Ross Perot, but never lost my soul /
Crossed the line, I bought pop across the row”

Kanye West – “Power (SNL Version)”

“The brown hero, live from Ground Zero /
Machine gun flow, made of ghetto Ross Perot”

Aceyalone – “All Ball”

“You’re a trivial part in a trivia game /
Now what’s your aim? a presidential campaign /
Like Ross Perot, he lost it though /
But he got a billion in da bank fa sho'”

E-40 – “Ballin’ Outta Control”

“Fresh off the showroom flo’, bought me a ninety-fo’ /
Now I’m havin’ long money, like Ross Perot”

Obie Trice – “Oh!”

“How I came forth with a million sold /
Who say you can’t grow from mildew and mold? /
Get money like Ross Perot”

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