Go Radio’s Morning Shows are challenging one another to see which show can raise the most money to support Special Olympics Minnesota via the Polar Plunge! It’s the latest challenge in our 2 Shows 1 Goal series and a great cause we can all get behind!

Starting Monday, 1/7, Auggie and Sophia from Go 95.3’s Morning Show and Ben and Dana from Go 96.3’s Morning Show will be hosting a head-to-head fund drive with the goal of raising over $5k each for Special Olympics MN.

The team that generates most donations from their loyal listeners will get to decide the terms of our next 2 Shows One Goal Challenge and stay warm and dry. The losing team? They’ll be taking a dip into beautiful Lake Minnetonka at Cooks Bay in Mound at Surfside Park on what should be a balmy January 26th.

If you’re interested in helping your favorite show and a great cause, you can submit a donation online at the Polar Plunge website via our link below. From there, you can choose to join or donate to team 95.3 or 96.3 (or both), and even choose which host you want to support. Rest assured your donation will be going to a good cause so donate with confidence! We appreciate you and the opportunity to do what we love here at Go Radio.

Here are the donation links:

Auggie and Sophia in the Morning from Go95.3:

Mornings Suck Less with Ben and Dana from Go96.3:

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