Darko the Super

Philly rap provocateur Darko the Super has returned, and Go Radio is proud to premiere his brand new video “The Nightmare of the 90s is Alive in Charleston!”

Joined by Torito, the Bob Sweeney-directed clip finds a game of hoops between raps setting the perfect visuals for the nostalgic melancholy of the track’s groove. The song comes from Darko’s forthcoming Bill Hicks-inspired album Card Tricks For Dogs, entirely produced by BLKrKRT.

Darko had this to say of the clip:

We shot the video in my hometown of Bucks County. Me and Torito performed the song and played a vigorous game of one-on-one basketball at the New Falls park on a rainy morning. The second part of the video is me driving around town doing my ode to Das Racist, a group that inspired me throughout my humble beginnings. I first heard them when I was in high school watching the Internet Celebrities web series. We chose to end the video hanging out on the couch like they did on their first two album covers. Bob Sweeney directed and edited this video. He’s been doing all the cool videos for Philly bands lately.

Watch the video here:

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