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On this day in 1958, Prince was born! A cause for celebration the world over, and especially for Minnesotans, it’s a day to be thankful for how much Prince lit up our lives!

…just don’t call it his “birthday.”

During Prince’s later years following his conversion to Jehovah’s Witness, Prince followed the JW doctrine stating the celebration of birthdays “displease God.” According to, this is because 1) birthday celebrations have pagan origins, 2) early Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays 3) a line in the Gospel translating to “the day of death is better than the day of birth” and 4) the bible never referring to someone celebrating a birthday.

But Prince, being Prince, had a different way of phrasing his moratorium on birthday celebrations. Watch the clip below to find out the health benefits to not celebrating birthdays as only Prince could relate! Then, in the spirit of Prince’s wishes, we at Go hope you all have a great Friday and that all of your days are filled with Prince’s music!

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