Prof concluded his Time Bomb tour in Minneapolis on Thursday evening. A jam-packed First Avenue rocked right along with him as he ran through a career-spanning megashow.

Even after his great hometown sets last year at Soundset and Prof Outdoors 3, this one was exceptional. Song-for-song, it might have been his greatest hometown performance ever.

Prof was clad in a Larry Bird Indiana jersey and had a red digital clock counting down behind him. It was the perfect spot for one final explosion. Here are five takeaways.

The Homecoming was great for all

It wasn’t just Prof killing it. Everyone who rode with him this tour smashed it on their home turf including Finding Novyon and Metasota who declared, “In Minnesota, Prince is God, and hip-hop is a close second.”

Fans came for every word

Prof has one of the loyalist fan bases in the indie rap world, but even the upper-level of First Avenue was full of fans screaming along with every word, including earlier tracks like 2011’s “Gampo.”

Prof came for every fan

As far as Prof’s love goes in a festival setting, his interactions within the walls of First Ave made for a much more intimate and direct connection, urging fans to turn the show into a record-breaking world series, and acknowledging one could take a photo of the floor and “Nobody’s feet are on it!”

Prof got personal

As fun as the Prof persona is to watch on-stage, the hardships of both this tour and the past year was something the “King Gampo” acknowledged in a rare moment of vulnerability when he changed the tone for the briefest of moments to say “I can share the worst moments of my life with you guys and that’s ok,” before a smooth transition back into being a mob leader declaring “Everybody say fuck 2016!”

The Raft Returned

Perhaps the biggest highlights of Prof’s Soundset and Outdoors shows were his whitewater rafting of the crowd. As a complete surprise, fans got the return of the raft during the encore for “President” as the place celebrated.

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