Few artists in Minnesota hip-hop are as generous as Prof. The King Gampo already blessed us with the free track “Time Bomb” before his tour of the same name began earlier this year, and now he’s doubling down on that value by shooting a Trailer Park Boys-themed video for the track.

In a press release, Prof spoke highly of the experience making the video, divulging: 

“I’ve never been to a trailer park. So we decided to go to one, get drunk for a couple days, and make a music video. I shaved my head bald, a girl in the video quit her job, and she almost died. It was fun as hell to shoot.”

We can only assume the chaos seen in the video is about to be increased, come Prof Outdoors 4 on September 9. Joining Prof for the affair will be the debut performance of Doomtree-offshoot Shredders, Mac Lethal, Finding Novyon and Cashinova.

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