Ahh, the 90s! It was a time when the revolutionary martial arts robot dinosaur teen drama Mighty Morphin Power Rangers could put absolutely anything in their universe and it would fly into the nation’s television screens via Fox Kids to delight one and all.

25 years after its debut, it’s amazing how much of a tapestry of 90s elements are weaved into the imported Japanese footage for a snapshot of pop culture at the time.

For #NationalPumpkinDay what better time to revisit the rapping Pumpkin villain known as Pumpkin Rapper?

Spitting rhymes between Putty Patroller attacks, Pumpkin Rapper has become something of a cult figure in the show’s fandom – representing all that was inventive and absurd about the series that captured the world’s hearts. 2018 finds Pumpkin Rapper more beloved than ever, finally receiving his first action figure  – immortalized in plastic in a finely detailed Funko Pop! Vinyl.

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