After the success of “Black Beatles” found Rae Sremmurd all over television, the Mississippi rap duo are looking to invade another medium, and another realm. 

That’s right, Rae Sremmurd are getting the comic book treatment as Valiant Entertainment will be releasing SHADOWMAN/RAE SREMMURD #1.

For a quarter-century, Shadowman has thrived as part of Valiant Comics’ universe. A New Orleans jazz musician who possesses paranormal voodoo powers at night, the comic is set to feature Rae Sremmurd arriving in Louisana, with it unknown if they’ll be allies or in opposition of the hero.

The timing seems pretty perfect for Shadowman to have some additional hip-hop connections. A Shadowman movie is currently in production, set to be directed by Django Unchained producer Reginald Hudlin who famously directed the hip-hop classic House Party.

This isn’t Shadowman’s first time tangling with the music industry, he famously once fought rockers Aerosmith. No, seriously.

Hip-hop and comics have had some interesting connections. Not even taking into account all the hip-hop album variant covers that Marvel has released over the years, a handful of rappers have found themselves between comic pages.

DMC of RUN-DMC fame has had the most critically acclaimed series, released on his Darryl Makes Comics imprint. MF Grimm was also lauded for writing his autobiography in graphic novel form. Most famously, Eminem‘s 2009 comeback was somehow tied to Marvel’s The Punisher and Murs has released two comic projects, one with Slug as Felt and the more recent Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl.

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