Saturday was a dizzying downpour over the undead at the 2017 Zombie Pub Crawl. The annual pre-Halloween spooktacular’s horrifying weather conditions may have canceled a lesser festival, the wet, windy warzone wasn’t enough to deter thousands. These zombies were dedicated – dead-icated? – to brains, brew and rock ‘n’ roll.

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There were a lot of walking, and rocking, dead. As a survivor I’ve lived to bring you these five takeaways.

There were zombies for everyone

Even by Zombie Pub Crawl standards, there were an amazing array of zombies from all corners of the pop culture map. While zombie clowns were far-and-away the most popular presence, the Crawl was also blessed with undead versions of everyone from Dumb and Dumber‘s Harry and Lloyd to Care Bears to Harry Potter to wrestler Kevin Owens, there was something vile for everyone,

There were a lot of rain-altered costumes

For the massive amounts of time and money put into some tremendously impressive zombie outfits, a number of attendees didn’t plan for rain. While the streaked makeup did make the images more ghastly, eventually the streets were filled with abandoned wigs and guests manually keeping their outfits together.

10,000 umbrellas, but only one Tech N9ne

The most brutal rainfall occurred during Kansas City indie-rap icon Tech N9ne’s set. Magically, Tech remained undeterred, keeping his impeccable breath control and on-stand choreography on point even in the most Gavin Rossdale of conditions.

Third Eye Blind semi-charmed the masses

Although the first four or five Third Eye Blind songs suffered from not being “Semi-Charmed Life,” eventually the band played “Semi-Charmed Life,” as the rain temporarily stopped (coincidence?) and the massive crowd of smiling zombies contributed their own “do-do-dos” right along.

Dwynell Roland struck at midnight

While Zombie Pub Crawl’s unique atmosphere provided some unique sets (including a notable T-Pain medley of hooks he’d done for other artists), the night’s best set came indoors at Privé when Dwynell Roland (in full zombie attire) took the stage right at the clock struck midnight. Rejuvenating a very intoxicated bunch of zombies was quite the stunning feat, as “Stop, Drop and Roland” proves to be the perfect incantation to wake the dead.

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