The sports world was saddened to learn of the passing of beloved NBA broadcaster Craig Sager, but so was the hip-hop community.

Rap icons including Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, and Lil Wayne tweeted condolences, so it’s clear how much Sager’s mic work and his style meant to hip-hop.

We spoke to New York City underground icon Silent Knight about his 2013 hit “Craig Sager’s Suit,” and why Sager resonated so much with him.

I grew up watching Craig Sager.

His suits, to me, grew to represent flyness while also being yourself and not taking yourself too seriously. People would clown and joke about his suits, but they all loved him. He stood out because of his suits, but everyone always had great things to say about his character as well.

As a Knicks fan, growing up in Brooklyn, and as a shy kid who later broke out of his shell, I admire people like Craig Sager.

When I made my song, I didn’t wanna reference someone who’s just ultra cool, or someone who is popular and dresses well, but is a dick. I wanted to shout out a genuine guy. A guy who stood out being himself. That was/is fly. I got a ‘case full of styles and that’s word to Craig Sager’s Suit.’[/embed/[/embed/[/embed/

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