Go 96.3’s afternoon host Reed joined us earlier this year from the great state of Michigan, and there was no better way to welcome him to Minnesota than with a trip to the State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair was filled with a bunch of “firsts” for me. For starters, a REALLY BIG GIANT FREAKING FAIR. On top of that, Dole Whips, Big Fat Bacon on a Stick, a “Boss Hog” sandwich, but more on that in another installment. Specifically though, the Slingshot. You know, the ride that straps you in to what can be described as giant adult car seats, attached to super duty rubber bands, and flings you in to the air, halfway to space?
I wasn’t about to go on this journey alone, so I suckered intern Logan into being my co-pilot. We stood around and eyed the Slingshot up. Piece of cake. I’ve always wanted to experience the Slingshot, and have been an avid watcher of YouTube videos of people taking the challenge and watching tough, grown men turn into soft babies, passing out, crying. I even saw a video of a lady crapping her pants on the Slingshot. This should be interesting.
After Logan and I had our tickets, it was waiting time. Standing in line, excited for the rush, we were giddy to get on. As we got closer, we both started to feel a little pit in our stomach. I’m an adrenaline junkie, so I knew I wasn’t going to die or anything, I’ve been to this rodeo before. However, as I knew my time in the Slingshot was approaching, I couldn’t help but think of what could go wrong…not even life or death but remember what I said about the YouTube videos of grown men, crying and turning in to babies? And oh Lord, please don’t let me crap my pants. Now I’m psyching myself out and thinking of just HOW I could potentially, maybe, die (We’ve all seen Final Destination).
Finally, they strap Logan and myself in the adult car seats and here we go. The worst part was not knowing when they were going to launch us! No countdown, nothing. It got silent, we stopped rocking…silence…calmness…and then I heard a tick. BOOM. Off we go, at what I’m pretty sure was NASA rocket speed into the sky.
It was a serious RUSH of amazing-ness. Just pure thrill. Launching so fast into the air, then dropping down, spinning around, bouncing up and down in the air like a super trapeze of death. It felt like really being alive. When we finally got back down on the ground, my fingers were shaking with adrenaline. SUCH A RUSH! I wanted to do it again right away. What a thrill. Check out the video of this whole experience!!
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