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Go 96.3’s Afternoon DJ Reed is a rock’n’roll lifer, with more big shows under his belt than even he can remember. Ahead of GoFest ’18 at Cabooze Outdoors, Reed is lacing up playlists themed around our headlining artists. 

#GoFest18, one of the biggest (and best) concert events of the summer, is getting closer every day! Leading up to a concert, I like to amp myself up even more by submerging myself in that artists’ music before the big show.

Here, I give you my Must-Listen AWOLNation Playlist to crank up before heading out to GoFest ’18!

#1: “MF”

#2: “Wake Up”

#3: “Not Your Fault”

#4: “Woman Woman”

#5: “People”

#6: “Run”

#7: “Sail”

#8: “Kill Your Heroes”

BONUS TRACK: Under The Influence Of Giants – “Mamma’s Room” **

**This track comes from AWOLNation founder and singer Aaron Bruno’s former band (from before he started Awolnation, circa 2006) and…IT’S A BANGER! One that never took off…but I still love it.

I can’t wait to see your faces at #GoFest18! The lineup is amazing with AWOLNation, The Neighbourhood, Lovelytheband, L.I.F.T. & our local battle of the bands winner!

Click here to purchase your tickets to GoFest ’18!

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