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Nintendo Entertainment System

Release date:

September 14, 1989




This one shouldn’t even be a question. You should absolutely remember DuckTales on the original Nintendo. Unlike most licensed Nintendo games based on TV shows and movies in this era (looking at you Ghostbusters and Back to the Future), DuckTales is a legit classic. It was the crown jewel of the Capcom Disney collection from back in the day that also included great titles like Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Talespin.

The game follows the basic script of the TV show which was massive in the 1990s. You play as Scrooge McDuck and head all over the world to beat bad guys and find valuable jewels to add to his fortune in the Money Bin. You start the game by selecting what level you want to start at and you can play the levels in any order you want, which was something of a rarity back in the Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 all in order days of early video gaming.

You go all over to worlds like Transylvania, the Amazon, the Himalayans and even the GD Moon. You encounter all sorts of generic bad guys like snakes, gorillas, vampires, as well as familiar faces from the show like the Beagle Boys and Magica de Spell.

You might be thinking, how the hell is old-ass Scrooge McDuck taking down all these enemies by himself? Homeboy walks with a cane and doesn’t even wear full shoes. Well thanks to the magic of video games his cane doubles as a pogostick for some reason so all you have to do is jump on the baddies.

This game was one of the best of the era and definitely holds up. I mean, come on, it includes a cameo appearance by Gizmoduck! Nobody is cooler than Gizmoduck. It was also recently remastered on current-gen systems so it is easy to track down, but me being the old-school soul that I am will always prefer the 8-bit version.

Final score:

10 Gizmoducks out of 10.

Bonus fun fact:

Did you know they made a DuckTales 2 on the NES? Lots of people didn’t know this because it came out so late in the NES’ lifespan and most people had already moved onto the Super Nintendo. The game is very rare and the cartridge costs about $200, but it is just as good as the original so it is definitely worth tracking down….on emulator.

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