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Star Fox


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Release date:

March 26, 1993




Oh, boy. You know when you have really fond memories of something from your youth, say for example a movie or a TV show (Or in this case a video game), and you go back and revisit it and are almost ashamed to admit you once loved it? That’s the original Star Fox.

I know that might anger some people. Trust me, I thought it was groundbreaking and revolutionary as a young’n too, but have you played it lately? It is borderline unplayable in 2018.

But to be fair, in its day it was pretty damn cool. It was the first game to implement the vaunted Super FX chip which rendered the graphics to look all 3D-ish and cool. It was a pioneer in that regard, but now it just looks like a sh*tty screensaver from Windows 95. It is almost comical. There are games on the old TI-83 graphing calculators (shoutout Phoenix!!!) that play better than this game in 2018.

You play as Fox McCloud and his cronies Slippy Toad (THE WORST), Falco Lombardi (great name) and Peppy Hare (I have no comment on him but it felt weird not saying anything after commenting on the first two) as you fly your polygon spaceships around the Lylat system as you track down the evil Andross.

We all remember this game. It was great in its day. But it’s best in 2018 to just leave your Star Fox memories alone and not revisit this thing. The only saving grace this game has going for it is that it came out before voice acting was common in video games and you don’t have to listen to Slippy’s annoying ass complain all game like you did in the 64 version of Fox.

Final score:

One Arwing out of ten.

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