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I figured in honor of Halloween and the upcoming Zombie Pub Crawl that we would take a look at the masterpiece known as Zombies Ate My Neighbors.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors


Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis

Release date:

July 1993


Lucas Arts


Whenever there is a discussion about the best Super Nintendo games of all time, what titles get brought up? Obviously Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and Chrono Trigger are always mentioned. Other games like Super Metroid, Home Improvement, and Secret of Mana as well. But know what game absolutely deserves to be mentioned among the greatest? Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

It was a game that never really got the love it deserved at the time, but over the years thanks to Virtual Consoles and not-exactly-legal emulators, it has become something of a cult classic.

I love that they waste no time with a backstory on Zombies. You just pick either Zeke or Julie and start blasting zombies while rescuing a bunch of neighbors in each of the 48 levels. One of the coolest aspects of this game is what they give you to kill the zombies. Squirt guns, plates, weed whackers — yes! Weed whackers!! — and fire extinguishers. It’s all so silly and fun. You quickly move from the neighborhood to shopping malls, castles, pyramids and football fields. The enemies go from being standard zombies to werewolves, vampires, and giant-ass babies. It’s so

One of the really cool aspects of this game as the badass co-op mode. You can play two-player mode and go zombie blasting with a friend. It is like Contra…with more weed whackers.

Zombies clearly doesn’t have the prestige of Super Mario World or the emotional depth of Chrono Trigger. But you know what? It’s just a lotta damn fun. Sometimes that’s all you want out of a video game.

Final score:

Gotta give Zombies Ate My Neighbors nine weed whackers outta 10.

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