Two of hip-hop’s most-passionate fanbases got together for a magical evening at Roy Wilkins Auditorium on Wednesday. Logic‘s Everybody Tour saw the chart-topping rapper bring the incomparable Joey Bada$$ and longtime collaborator Big Lenbo to the same stage, resulting in adorable all-ages rap chaos. 

Here are our five takeaways.

All-American Contrast

Joey Bada$$’s set was notably very different from both Logic’s talkative ray of positivity, and even a departure from Joey’s own hyper-kinetic Go Show last summer. In a post-Trump world, the “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” had a much more reserved, minimalist set. While he still engaged the crowd, his new material was geared more toward sinking in than wylin’ out.

Everybody Everywhere

The other notable contrasts were between Logic and Joey’s stage setups. While Bada$$ just had an enlarged version of his album’s take on the American flag, allowing the lights to make him the forefront, Logic has a massive festival-sized series of L.E.D. screens illuminating his rhymes. But between the two, the coolest touch might have been Joey’s vintage Prince shirt.

Music videos come to life

Logic’s always had a massive emphasis on his visuals, and he took them to a whole new level with his live show. With the acclaimed music videos for tracks like “Young Jesus” and “Take It Back” behind him, Logic wove the third dimension in to his ocular tapestry with ease. 

Logic’s the best Gamer in the Game

While G.O.A.T. arguments are plentiful in the hip-hop world, there’s an interesting consensus in interviews that cites Logic as rap’s video game master. Seeing Logic prove it in a game of Mario Kart against his security was like watching Michael Jordan in his prime.

The Logic of Inclusivity

The strongest moments of the night came from Logic’s constant emphasis on togetherness. As reflected in his diverse fanbase, Logic came from a place of love for all regardless of orientation, gender, race or creed. Even when jokingly tormenting his assistant during his spot-on Michael Jackson tribute, it clearly came from a place of love.

For more photos of Logic, Joey Bada$$ and Big Lenbo, check out our gallery.

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