It’s hard to imagine THEY. will be playing venues the size of the Fine Line for long. Thursday’s performance was lit.

With one of the most passionate fanbases in indie-hip-hop, THEY. matched their unique guitar-driven sound with striking visuals and a Tilt-a-Whirl of energy for a solid front-runner for best hip-hop show of the year.

Taking the stage in hoods surrounded by candles, the occult imagery of their Nü Religion aesthetic made for both an eerie and intimate opening. The strong poses on-stage kept the crowd in rapt attention before the set’s tempo picking up, taking the audience in on the journey along with them.

Half the set featured Dante behind the keyboard and Drew on the mic. Dante recreating the beats live combined with Drew’s tremendous range of vocals really made their set feel multifaceted.

While the duo teased “U-RITE” by playing a sample of the track’s signature horns early on, THEY.’s set showed how deep their listeners went in their catalog, singing along to every word – even to tracks that don’t exist outside of Soundcloud demos. From the Nirvana-sampling “Rather Die” to “Back It Up” to “Dante’s Creek,” it was a masterful bit of crowd control.

By the time they hit the encore of “U-RITE,” the crowd (now sworn-into the group’s Wolfpack) went ballistic. After that, the house lights saw the horde b-line to the merch booth as THEY. proved that night that they’re a brand you can trust.

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