One of the most welcome hip-hop surprises of 2018 was the official Rhymesayers 20th anniversary special edition re-release of their supergroup The Dynospectrum‘s album.

As if finally having the vinyl version of the cult classic that’s perhaps the label’s best kept secret – boasting Atmosphere‘s Slug & Ant, Musab, MicranotsI Self Devine and Mr. Gene Poole all using pseudonyms – wasn’t enough, today Rhymesayers surprises us with the supercrew’s first ever music video.

A haunting Wasaru-directed lyrics video focusing on the environment around us that we miss, “Anything is Everything” is a stellar visual introduction into The Dynospectrum.

The Dynospectrum’s deluxe re-release is a must-hear for all Rhymesayers devotees and is available here.

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