We at Go Radio were sad to hear Sunday of Bushwick Bill’s passing at the age of 52. Sharing in our mourning, the worldwide hip-hop community expressed their sympathies and shared heartwarming stories and photographs.

Here’s some of our favorites:

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Bushwick Bill, an icon. I could go on for days about Fuck Em, Mind of a Lunatic (the re-recorded version), Assassins, and Size Ainโ€™t Shit. Bill had a unique voice and delivery…and most notably, hell-raising, provocative content. His portrayals of homicidal maniacs are up there with Steven King novels and Heath Ledgerโ€™s Joker…but amidst all of the ultra-violence, Bill & the Geto Boys were fearlessly outspoken about racial injustice, crooked cops, and the education system. Despite being from NY, he was largely responsible for all of us buying and bumping anything that came out of Texas back then. Bill will never be forgotten, rest in peace. #BushwickBill #GetoBoys #RIPBushwickBill

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