Both Ben and Dana said the Vikings would win Sunday but Ben lost the bet because of the tiebreaker so he took down almost an entire tank of helium on the radio. Believe it or not… Dana had never tried it before and now I think he’s hooked.

$1000 Minute: Nicole from Saint Michael played today for our new GRAND PRIZE! Two pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT Angel’s and Airwaves Go Show tickets, backstage passes to meet Tom DeLonge and two rooms at the Radisson Red in Downtown Minneapolis.

GET TO KNOW QUESTION: Dana has the Tattoo itch and is thinking about getting lyrics on his left forearm. He tells you some of his favorites, Ben suggests a few but I think we have a winner!

Florida or Wisconsin: The craziest headlines always come from either Florida or Wisconsin. Dana will read a headline and we have to somehow decipher and guess where it happened. It’s America’s fastest rising game show!

Monday Morning Mindbender: Ben and Dana start every week with an almost impossible trivia question… Today’s was this, “The average person spends 16 months of their life doing this… What is it?”

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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