Playboi Carti’s recipe for success – before even dropping an album – has been networking, live performances and consistency.

His first mixtape, Playboi Carti, proves he’s not just another internet trap artist, but also a true entertainer.

Before the big drop, momentum was built through energetic singles and key guest appearances by the 20-year-old.

Getting guap and running it

Early tracks like 2015’s “Fetti” show Carti’s versatility, as his clearly enunciated bars over a steady beat made for easy repeat listening. Later that year, he dropped “Run It” featuring bubblegum trap artist Lil Yachty. Staying true to his nickname, “I get the guap and I run it” is virtually all Ca$h Carti says in this song that has been played almost seven million times.

Cozy boys 

Late last year, he landed a guest feature in A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes: Vol. 1 on “Telephone Calls” which has 14 million plays on Spotify alone. The explosive track also features A$AP Rocky, Tyler, the Creator and Yung Gleesh. Carti and A$AP Rocky made several, fashionable public appearances together last year before hitting the studio.

Broke Boi

Carti might’ve broken the internet with his solo track “Broke Boi” that has reached over 23 million plays. In this song, he talks about balling on broke boys and keeping a circle of friends small. The dark production is spiced with lighter chords and heavy bass.

And now, Playboi Carti

His first mixtape is a 15-track album filled with repetitive lines and ad-libs, bouncy beats, and rockstar mentality.

Carti’s bond with 2016 XXL Freshman Lil Uzi Vert is undeniable on the equally lit tracks “Lookin” and “wokeuplikethis*.” They pass off lines, verses and ad-libs seemlessly. The only other features on the album are A$AP Rocky on “New Choppa” and Leven Kali on “Flex.”

Carti uses “Flex” to rap about his ridiculously large money withdrawals at the bank. The tune is mellow and supported by sweet vocals from Leven Kali as the beat switches up halfway through the song. Other standout tracks include, milly rock anthem “Magnolia” and upbeat “Kelly K.”

Overall, the young trap artist and SoundCloud king has blessed the internet with this project. So, whether you a an OG or new fan, the album has the perfect amount of variety and consistency to hold anyone’s attention.

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