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You may have heard that there is a new Royal Baby. Why we care about that sort of stuff here in the US I will never know. But we do! Well, I don’t, but a lot of you do. So I figured I would do my part to suggest some potential names for his Royalness or whatever. According to a report, they are leaning towards an unusual name that ties together the US and the UK. So here are some suggestions in no certain order.

  • Prince Beavis
  • Prince The Rock
  • Prince Duke
  • Prince Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters
  • Prince Springsteen
  • Prince George Washington
  • Prince Fieri
  • Prince Prince
  • Prince Wal-Mart
  • Prince Fireball
  • Prince Clint Dempsey
  • Prince We Kicked Your Ass in the Revolutionary War
  • Prince Grohl
  • Prince Blanket
  • Prince Fireworks
  • Prince Nascar
  • Prince Chuck
  • Prince Tinder
  • Prince Beer Pong
  • Prince Pauly D
  • Prince ‘MURICA

You are welcome Duchess and Duke of Sussex! Feel free to credit me when you use one of these names. Good luck with everything. Hit me up if you need a babysitter.

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