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The two most anticipated new installments of beloved American franchises this summer are Stranger Things’ Season Three and Run the Jewels‘ forthcoming fourth album RTJ4.  So what happens when these great tastes combine for flavor that’s even more powerful than New Coke?

That’s what illustrator Matt Lewis found out when he reimagined Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike and El-P as the show’s cast-members following El’s hilarious July 6 tweet:

“look i’m not saying it’s a conspiracy but the main characters of stranger things are “mike and el” and the theme song sounds exactly like the synth line from my song “how to serve man” so i think we can all agree that this is a simulation and i’m the only one who’s alive”

Lewis (@Filmowski if you’re nasty) treated the world to his Run the Jewels-Stranger Things mash-up this morning, making it the feel good hit of the summer! El-P has already endorsed the reimagining, declaring “fully backing this rendering of me as a telekinetic, female child.”

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