You guys love dogs, right? Well there are some good boys and good girls at Ruff Start Rescue that need our help. Do you want to help out some good boys and good girls this holiday season? Of course you do.

Ruff Start Rescue has been an organization near and dear to my heart since my friend Kellie began helping them out this past year. They have been around since 2010 and have helped over 9,000 dogs, cats, and all sorts of other at-risk animals find their forever homes.

They do incredible work at Ruff Start but they are always looking for help with all these amazing animals. Want to help? Here’s how.

Ready to adopt a good boy or girl and give them a forever home? Here is how you can get the process started. Have you been thinking about making the leap and welcoming a loving dog or cat into your life? Check out the application process at Ruff Start and give a wonderful forever home to a good boy or girl this holiday season. They have all types of doggos. Puppies, older dogs, big, small, lazy cuddlers, active energetic dogs. Everything!

Maybe you can’t adopt now but you are willing to be a foster home. Ruff Start is always looking for great foster homes for dogs to live before they get adopted. This is the most important part of what Ruff Start does. They believe that a good foster home is key to the rehabilitation process.  Willing to host a good boy or girl until they find their forever home? Here is how you can get started.

Can’t adopt or foster, but willing to donate your time? Perfect. Ruff Start is a volunteer and foster based program and always looking for more help with all the wonderful things they do for all the good boys and good girls out there. Maybe now is not the time to adopt/foster but you still want to help out, they are always looking for more volunteers to help them.

No room for animals, too busy to volunteer, but you got CASH MONEY?! 

Wonderful! There are a lot of ways to donate to Ruff Start. They accept one-time donations, monthly donations for things like vaccines and dental work, or you can pick something out off their Amazon Wishlist. Seriously, buy one less popcorn tin or cheese plate this holiday season and use that money to buy some yummy food or warm clothes for the good boys and girls at Ruff Start.

All of the good doggos need your help! Get involved any way you can with Ruff Start. They are all over social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Drop me a line if you do end up giving a hand. Maybe Santa Dana will add a little something extra to you Go stocking this holiday season.

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