New Line Cinema

Auggie, Sophia, and DJ Advance have been grilling me for over a month to watch the movie ‘Friday’. Well, I finally watched it. While the movie may have been fitting for the era, I didn’t laugh once…not even a BAOMN (blow air out my nose) laugh. The humor was definitely on corny levels, like the dad having a serious talk while pooping on the toilet, not having any two grocery items to go with each other, and then the mom cooking a whole breakfast and not sharing any with her son. Maybe it was how overhyped it seemed, maybe I was too fixated on catching all of the “inside jokes”, maybe I watched it in the wrong state of being….or maybe I’m missing something? This may be my biggest #unpopularopinion but I give it a 2.5/5. At least now I know what I was or was not missing out on this whole time.

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