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When you have a career as prolific as JAY-Z‘s, it can be daunting enough keeping up with all the album releases. But what about those b-sides, white label singles and other odds-and-ends? Well, for the Jigga-completist, we’ve come one step closer thanks to the weekend’s resurfacing of JAY’s 2008 Santigold collaboration “Brooklyn Go Hard.”

Between the monster successes of 2007’s American Gangster and 2009’s The Blueprint III, it’s easy to forget that 2008 was full of JAY-Z one-offs that, while even being moderate successes on radio, never found a home on an official project. These were all cuts circulated at a time when Blueprint III was just a rumor, so no-one knew what JAY was up to. For a decade now we’ve been at the mercy of YouTube radio rips to hear them, which is why the resurrection of “Brooklyn Go Hard” is such an unexpected surprise.

Does this mean we’ll have more forgotten JAY tracks in the future? Perhaps “Jockin’ Jay Z?” We’ll keep you posted.

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