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Does the year truly end before Skillz raps it up?

Virginia hip-hop keeps on winning with one last major 2018 trophy as Skillz returns with his best rap-up in years. Flowing immaculately over the “Smile” beat, Skillz recaps what’s been a really, really long 2018 with some hilarious punchlines and proper context of everything that happened over the last 12 months. From viral sensations (Walmart Yodeling Kid and Big Neck Guy both get a shout-out) to politics and all points in-between, Skillz brings it.

Also dropping is Uncle Murda‘s almost-ten-minutes-long recap, with some extended perspectives from the man. Murda famously openly jacked Skillz’s schtick last year with his recap, and with this latest recap is attempting to take the throne as the king of recaps.

Who did you think was better?

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