Sarah Bush

Last Tuesday, Summit Brewing Company celebrated the release of their Slugfest Juicy IPA with the action of Midwest All-Star Wrestling! It’s not every weekday night that squared-circle action comes to an intimate but galvanized location like Summit Brewery, but chased with the refreshing taste of Slugfest, the evening was a feast for the senses!

The night boasted just about every style of wrestling one could want. From the high-flying opener with Wrestlemania-weekend breakout star Air Wolf vs Nathean Edwards to the Orin Veidt vs Chris Jordan brawl that saw the beer flying all around the brewery to an impromptu main event pitting Mitch Paradise and Moses Mayhem against reigning MAW tag team champions Renaissance Revolution – plus the gravity defying Angel Dorado vs The System and a standout intergender match where Kara Noia emerged victorious, there was a bout for every flavor, and they all went down smooth as Slugfest.

Slugfest, an “unfiltered IPA with an orange appearance, low in alcohol and bitterness but big in citrus hop flavors and aromas,” is available now:

Sarah Bush

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