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Go 96.3 is beyond excited to host four awesome bands at Palace Theatre later this month for our annual winter music festival, Snow Show ’18! In addition to BastilleAlbert Hammond Jr., and local rockers Last Import, Go 96.3 will be bringing indie pop heartthrobs LANY to Minnesota. Get to know the band below!

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  • The boys from LANY began working together after lead vocalist and sometimes-model Paul Jason Klein (who had a small solo career going at the time) decided to collaborate over the internet with his songwriting pals Les Priest and Jake Gloss, who produced music under the band name WRLDS.
  • After deciding that their collaboration had some juice, PJK flew to Nashville to record a pair of songs with Les and Jake, which turned out to be the first two LANY singles: “Hot Lights” and “Walk Away.”
  • The band’s name is a portmanteau of Los Angeles and New York (LA – NY), but is pronounced “Lay-Knee.” They originally considered naming their band “TTYL,” we’re glad they didn’t.
  • The band’s first EP, Acronyms, debuted in 2014 and contained the single “ILYSB,” which rapidly became a viral hit.
  • According to PJK, the song’s lyrics were inspired by a real call from his then-girlfriend, who ended the call with the phrase “I Love You So Bad.”
  • Speaking of former girlfriends, PJK used to date alt-popstar Dua Lipa. Daaaaaaang!
  • After the success of Acronyms, the band was signed by Polydor and released their first EP under a new name (Make Out) with an updated track list.
  • The next few years were a whirlwind of music festival dates, opening tours for artists like Ellie Goulding and John Mayer. As LANY built momentum on the road, the began working on their self-titled debut album.
  • LANY dropped in July of 2017, which featured singles like “Good Girls” and “Super Far” in addition to a remixed version of “ILYSB.”
  • Earlier this year in October, the band followed up their self titled debut with their second album, Malibu Nights.
  • According to PJK, the lyrics of the album are all about the emotional fallout of a from a break-up that he had in January of 2018.
  • Because of this, many critics have noted that Malibu Nights is LANY’s most emotionally vunerable recording, and nowhere is that more apparent than on lead single “Thru These Tears.”
  • PJK says that he was inspired to write “Thru These Tears” after a late night bit of driving-and-crying (we’ve all been there).
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