The Red Eye World Tour is a film that I am extremely looking forward to! The countries that are visited in this documentary are ones that I’ve always been curious about visiting as an artist. Knowing these three individuals and their talents, I’m really excited to see how they navigate it. Filmed by Teddy Grimes, Muja Messiah, RP Hooks, & Eli Fhima, The Red Eye World Tour is a must see for me!

The Red Eye World Tour
Doors – 6:30pm
Date – September 13
Trylon Cinema 2820 E 33rd St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tickets available here

Three MCs and a cameraman set out on their first European tour and are confronted with racial politics while simultaneously processing the police violence in their own backyards. Their journey connects them with locals on issues from their regions and generates reflection on their common experiences. Along the way they gain perspective on identity as well as honor life’s passing and forge new beginnings. The crew must navigate language barriers, discrimination, and being detained by the Vatican police in their quest to share hip-hop with the world.

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