Not only are your mornings always lit with Go 95.3‘s Auggie and Sophia in the Morning, but Sophia Eris is currently lighting up the night worldwide on tour with Lizzo! Here, Sophia checks in with us while on the first leg of the Cuz I Love You tour. This is Sophia Eris’ Tour Diary!

Last Tuesday in Salt Lake City set the new bar for the loudest crowd we’ve had in our entire lives. After the rainy walks we had around the town that day, no-one imagined that kind of energy coming. It was like they had been repressed their entire lives and then let it all go for one night only. A bra definitely got thrown at us and Lizzo joked that it looked like her panties.

Next stop was Denver! This show was so amazing because afterward a fan gave me a fanny pack that they created as an exact replica of the “Fanny Pack” art from my new single! It was so sweet! Shouts out to Tite Customs!

Then we had a double header in Chicago! Comedian Hannibal Buress came through and gave a comedic recap after the show – one altered by his elevated state – that I loved so much. My brother also drove in from Ohio and stayed for both shows, which was such a blessing! Family always gives you an extra pep in your step while on the road.

Speaking of family and pep in the step, the next stop after that was ST. PAUL! WOWIE WHAT A NIGHT! That was medicine for my soul. It was so good to be home and share what we’ve all been working on for the past months & feel the love from those that have been with us since the beginning. I know my Go 95.3 fam was in the building! I also got to scoop my new Go 95.3 sweatsuit that I love so much AND is perfect for tour! After the show I spun at an after party with Flip Phone, DJ Shannon Blowtorch, and Cquestt that was the absolute best time ever! By request I did a little performance of “Fanny Pack” & Lizzo came through and partied until she had to take a Red Eye to the Met Gala!

MY GIRL DID THE MET GALA! She made history baby! I’m so proud of her and the creative team that made her look absolutely stunning! Tonight she flies back and we continue the tour in Nashville!

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

I’ll be back next week with another entry of the Cuz I Love You Tour Diary!

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