Not only are your mornings always lit with Go 95.3‘s Auggie and Sophia in the Morning, but Sophia Eris is currently lighting up the night worldwide on tour with Lizzo! Here, Sophia checks in with us while on the Cuz I Love You tour. This is Sophia Eris’ Tour Diary!

This week’s recap will begin in the loudest city so far, Atlanta, GA. Five minutes before we stepped to the stage, Lizzo looked at me and said, “Yo, watch my phone! Missy is supposed to call at 9:40!” MISSY THE ELLIOT. The entire set I’m performing and nervously making sure I didn’t miss the call. Then, at the most perfect time during the dancers solo the phone rang so I quickly answered and said “Hold on Missy” and ran off the stage to deliver it to Lizzo.

Then Lizzo came back on stage and put the mic up to the phone to let Missy say “what’s up” and show some love! The crowd went nuts and it was definitely my favorite show thus far!

The next day we played Raleigh, NC and it was our hairstylist “The Beyonce of Baby Hair” Shelby Swain’s birthday! After the show Lizzo rented out a karaoke bar and hired a tattoo artist so we could have a karaoke tattoo party! I ended up getting 2 tattoos, 1 for my mom that says “Virginia” right below my thumb on my right hand so she can always be with me, and an O- (my blood type) on my ring finger which represents the fact that I am a universal giver, but I can only receive from others like myself. Love them both!

The next stop was Brooklyn, NY where we crushed not one, but TWO sold out shows at the legendary Brooklyn Steel! Courtney and I have been throwing after parties throughout the tour and we had one at Lot 45 after our first show in Brooklyn. ASAP ROCKY CAME THROUGH alongside Lizzo and the crew and it was an absolute blast!

Sophia Eris

Last night we played Detroit which was Lizzo’s hometown and it ended up being a complete family affair! I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY MOM and got to surprise her with the tattoo that I got her for Mother’s Day. It ended up to be the sweetest day ever!

Tonight we play Toronto and officially begin the final week of Leg 1 of the Cuz I Love You Tour! I can’t believe how fast time is flying! This has been the best tour ever 🙂

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