There’s a lot to love about the newly-released Streets of Rage 4. From successfully translating all the fun of a beloved 90s beat ’em-up into a modern aesthetic with a progressively more addicting gameplay and a top-tier soundtrack, it’s everything one could want.

Axel, Blaze and Adam are all here once again, taking on all the trouble the city throws at them. So many styles of fighting, so many weapons, so much replenishing food to eat off the floor – what more could you want?

How about a cameo from Childish Gambino?

That’s right, as discovered on Twitter, my NYU dormmate Donald Glover makes a cameo dressed in his “This is America” best in one of the level’s backgrounds. It’s a fun Easter Egg that some speculate stems from his sampling the music of Streets of Rage 2 on his 2011 album Camp.

If you’re stuck at home and want to see the world, as well as beat up everything in it, Streets of Rage 4 is endlessly satisfying. The different characters, including several unlockables, make for different experiences with each playthrough. New fun keeps bubbling up without ever wearing out its welcome. Highly recommended!

Watch the trailer below and pick up Streets of Rage 4 here!

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