Shut Up and Rap Season 8 is a major one, want to know why? The winner will be performing at Soundset 2019! Yep, you read that right….SOUNDSET!!!

Here’s how you, local Minnesota artists can compete to earn your way to perform at Soundset 2019:

  • Weekly contestants are chosen each Monday at 4pm by Auggie 5000 & Sophia Eris for that week’s Thursday night, Shut Up and Rap at Pourhouse Uptown. To submit, visit the Shut Up and Rap page or submit on the form below
  • Season 8 will run through May 2nd with the finals being held on May 9th
  • May 16th will be the last chance Soundset Battle — a one-off Shut Up and Rap event for the final slots to perform at the SUAR Soundset 2019 stage

Shut Up and Rap is held at the Pourhouse in Uptown every Thursday night at 8pm (FREE – 21+ event).

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