St. Paul-based hip-hop collective The Stand4rd reunited for Soundset and performed a medley of solo and combination tracks on Sunday evening.

The last time the four-piece crew, plus DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, got together for a home-state show was at Rock the Garden in 2015.

Here’s a breakdown of how the group who hasn’t put out communal record since their 2014 debut commanded the crowd.

Although, the sun was setting and temperatures were lowering, that didn’t stop Bobby Raps from coming out in his swim trunks, shirtless, and with neon, toddler-sized shades. He opened up the set with his recent solo track, “Desensitized.” The emotional track came to life as Bobby used every corner of the stage and entered crowd as he rapped.

Bobby then passed the baton to the Peanut Butter Prince, Allan Kingdom, who performed “F*ck My Enemies” off his latest project Lines. Fresh off his European tour, Allan spreaded mad “Vibes” in his crispy, red, white and black leather moto jacket and took old fans on a trip down memory lane with “Evergreens.”

Then, when Corbin (fka Spooky Black) wrapped up his first solo, filled with deep vocals and slow motion sways, high-pitched screams followed as if they were on cue. Finally, the mature, multi-talented crew joined together for classics like “Stay,” “Decisions” and “Pretty,” and throughout the whole set a chilled Psymun provided live production.

Other standout moments included “Wavey” by Kingdom and Corbin and Raps and Corbin blessing the audience with a live rendition of the opening track off Couch Potato, “Welcome to the Hell Zone.”

By this time, the Fifth Element Stage held a variety of acts and had thinned out, but it was clear that true fans were left to stand, as rows and rows of the mob were engaged and waved their arms through the whole set. Bobby found beauty in this moment and asked the left and right side of the crowd to turn toward each other and say “I love you.”

They seemed to have gained new fans, as Kylie Jenner’s bestie and boss lady in her own right, Jordyn Woods, live-tweeted her love for the Stand4rd. The pair likely came to support Kylie’s new bae, Travis Scott, but seemed to have caught more than just one closing set at the festival.

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