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Go Radio Sales Assistant Emma first started with us as a summer intern and worked her way into a well-earned promotion as part of our Sales team. Still, Emma’s intern days at the State Fair aren’t so far behind her that she’s forgotten about the best part of the gig: New Food! Emma shared her most intriguing new Fair foods below. 

Refrain from being a creature of habit this year at the fair. Spice things up and try all the best new foods! Here are five new foods we think you should try in place of your old go-tos.

Instead of: Sweet Martha’s Cookies
Try: Sweetie Cakes

Let’s be real, Giselle was totally spilling the truth when she said that Sweet Martha’s cookies are overrated. Get your sweet tooth fix in this year and try one of Sweetie Cakes new cakes in a cup. Choose from black forest cake, birthday cake or chocolate peanut butter cake. All are baked in a cup with Sassy Pecan toffee bits, served warm and melty. Topped with real whipping cream and more toffee bits. Doesn’t this sound way more satisfying than a chocolate chip cookie? Find ‘em in the Food Building on the south wall.

Instead of: Corn on the Cob
Try: Wood-Grilled Elote:

The new and improved corn on the cob. Grilled over an oak wood fire, swept with Chile-spiced mayo and smothered with queso Cojita and fresh lime juice. Find it at Tejas Express in The Garden on the north wall. Get it while it’s hot!

Instead of: Pronto Pup
Try: Zesty PB&J Sausage

A classic combo of peanut butter and cherry jelly, with and a pinch of cayenne pepper and cilantro blended into a sausage. A familiar taste, but a completely different food. Find it at the Gass Station Grill outside the southeast corner of the Food Building.

Instead of: Pizza
Try: Za-Waffle Sticks

Waffles and pizza combined??? Sign us up! Waffles mixed with pepperoni and mozzarella, sprinkled with a parmesan herb blend. Served with your choice of pepperoni-infused maple syrup or classic marinara sauce. Find it at Green Mill located on the east side of Cooper Street between Randall & Wright avenues.

Instead of: French Fries
Try: Irish Tater Kegs

You can get french fries anywhere and everywhere, but what you can’t get all the time is Irish Tater Kegs. Jumbo deep-fried tater tots made with a blend of corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, sour cream and potatoes; drizzled with a house-made Thousand Island dressing and set on a bed of sauerkraut. Go get them at O’Gara’s at the Fair located on the southwest corner of Dan Patch Avenue & Cosgrove Street.

Go Radio is challenging you to try new foods at The Great Minnesota Get Together this year. Step out of that comfort zone, try something you wouldn’t always think to try, but most importantly, make sure to come let us know about your favorite new food discoveries at the Go Radio booth. We’ll see you at the fair!

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