All photos by Mike Madison

Chelley McLear is Go Radio’s Accounting Specialist and Business Assistant, helping to make sure that Go’s books are balanced and that our DJs (*coughDanacough*) aren’t going wild with the company credit card. As a UK expat, we couldn’t think of anyone better than Chelley to explain the slightly confusing Fair Food terminology to folks who speak the King’s English.

Free tip: Just because it’s on a stick does not mean it’s a lolly…

1. Biscuit – a bit like a scone but served with gravy

2. Gravy – a bit like gravy but it’s white and probably made with sausage fat instead of beef drippings

3. Sausage – something sliced and eaten at breakfast, a bit like a sausage but if you want a sausage ask for a brat

4. A brat – it’s a bit like a sausage not a small unruly child who won’t go anywhere until he has been to Sweet Martha’s

5. Sweet Martha’s – Sells cookies. You might call them biscuits.

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