We’re heading into the final weekend of the 2019 Minnesota State Fair and if you’re heading out there wondering WHAT TO EAT, we put together a few pointers on the new or new to us items.

The Go Radio Staff, lead by Promo Assistant, Sarah Schuler, decided to try some of the most talked about food items at this year’s state fair. We decided that we shouldn’t keep this knowledge to ourselves — here is the low down on what we tried and how we rated everything.

iPerogi: stuffed cabbage roll $8
A very basic dish. Not something you would normally see at the fair. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t a standout. 4/10

RC BBQ: Brisket Grilled Cheese $10
This tasty sandwich had a great cheese/meat/bread ratio. The bread was charred, but not burnt. Expected the sandwich to have a little more of a kick to it, but it was definitely Minnesota spicy. This one is a messy one so sit down and grab some napkins! 8/10*
* hot take, not everyone who tried this sandwich, enjoyed it, but definitely gives you a new twist on the classic grilled cheese.

Hot Hen $9
This dish had the perfect spice level. The tangy blue cheese played well with the BBQ chips and the jalapenos gave it a great kick. The chicken was delicious and warm. Share this with your whole family — we all shared and 9 out of 10 loved it. 9/10

The Hangar: Tailspin $11
The hashbrown waffle was pretty good, but this dish needed more BBQ sauce and fried onions. Unfortunately, the dish was cold and not a favorite, which is disappointing as most of the time, it is a great experience at the Hangar. 3/10

Brim: Grilled Sota Sandwich $9
This gluten and dairy free option includes huge blueberries and a delicious nut butter between two slices of perfectly toasted bread. It was 100% worth the long walk to the new North End area. I definitely would recommend pairing it with a glass of milk or a coffee as it can get a little dry with the nut butter and bread. 10/10

Nordic waffles: Al Pastor Waffle $9
The pork was flavorful and played well with the sweet taste of the pineapple. The onions were fresh and added a great crunch. The waffle got a little soggy with the sauce, but it was all contained well in the wrapper and could definitely be a “walk and eat” dish. 8/10

Blue Moon Cafe: Turkish Pizza $9
Well-seasoned beef, fresh toppings, and a garlic sauce. It did get a little soggy, so it’s recommend to grab a fork and knife. 6.5/10

Farmer’s Union: Blueberry Key Lime pie $8
This sweet dessert was the perfect blend of blueberry and lime flavors. I’m [Sarah] not usually a huge fan of graham cracker crust, but every bite was ate of this one. This is not one to miss this fair. 10/10

Sara’s Tipsy Pies: Tipsy Pecan Tart (new this year) and Whiskey Caramel Apple $7 or 2 for 12
The pecan tart offered a great balance of flavors with a flaky crust and delicious filling. The whipped cream was put on fresh when we ordered. The caramel apple pie had perfectly done crust and a warm apple filling. The infused alcohol was very subtle. If you’re only getting one, choose the pecan! 10/10

Dino’s Gyros: Feta Bites $5.50
These tasty treats were crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. The tangy olive sauce was delicious, even if you don’t care for olives. This snack was a good value as it was very fresh and offered enough bites to share with multiple people. 8.5/10

Lulu’s public house: Warm Cheesecake Tart (with chocolate topping) $6
This super sweet treat came with an abundant amount of chocolate topping. The cheesecake was very rich, so share with a friend 7/10

Blue Barn: Nashville Hot Chicken on a stick $9.95
Crunchy, delicious chicken on stick; what more could you ask for? This is probably one of the only foods that actually stays on the stick until the last bite. It’s sweet at first with a slow, subtle burn. We think it could have been a bit hotter, but it’s one dish that we can’t stop talking (or thinking) about it. 11/10 best thing at the fair.

Que Viet: Garlic Cream Cheese Wontons $7.00
The cream cheese was warm in the middle of a perfectly-cooked wonton. Delightfully garlicy and had great overall flavor. Very shareable but not easily walkable, particularly if you went for the sweet and sour sauce to accompany them. 8.5/10

Pretzel Dog $7 + $1 for white cheddar sauce (worth the extra dollar)
Whether it was plain, with mustard or with white cheddar sauce — these were a hit with everyone that tried them (Christy has been recommending them to everyone). The all-beef hot dogs were snuggly wrapped in hand-rolled pretzel (not frozen), giving you the perfect balance of pretzel-to-hot dog in each bite. The addition of cheese wasn’t necessary but those tried it, loved it. There are other options to add additional toppings, including bacon. 9/10

Henri’s (at the International Bazaar): Carolina BBQ Taco 2 for $9
This brisket is bomb. The decent price taco combo could use a little more cheese but the flavors were well balanced. The tacos weren’t spicy and didn’t get soggy. 8/10

Island Noodles (at the International Bazaar): $11 + $3 for extra chicken
Savory-citrus kick mixed with teriyaki made the flavor on point. Light but filling and didn’t lose out on the flavor. Noddles and veggies cooked perfectly and made walkable in to-go container. 8/10

Note from a non-Minnesota native: first time trying ice cream from the dairy building:
Twist ice cream cone $3
Affordable and quick ice cream cone — classic. 9/10

Some of the classic go-to or favorite in case you’re having a hard time deciding:

  • Cheese on a Stick
  • Fried Pickles
  • Cheese Curds
  • Dole Whip (…and you don’t even have to go to Disney to get it this week)
  • Roasted Corn

Don’t forget to swing by and say hi at the Go Radio booth if you’re out at the fair! Location, schedule and other details found here. #GoAtTheFair

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