Mash-Up Mondays on Jimmy Kimmel Live! has given us some pretty memorable pairings, including Kenny G and Warren G. Our new favorite might be rap legend Ice-T teamed with hip-hop icon T.I. to form Ice-T.I.

Combining Ice-T’s early-’90s classic “O.G. (Original Gangster)” with T.I.’s landmark “Bring ‘Em Out,” the two rap mainstays shared the stage and went back-and-forth bridging both the rap generation and regional gap. Given what seasoned performers the two are, it’s pretty unbelievable to see such different styles meshing on stage so well.

Happiest about the mash-up might be T.I. whose infectious smile might be the biggest we’ve ever seen from him. Hopefully this means we’ll soon get a T.I. cameo on Law & Order: SVU.

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