EXTENDED!Go Radio STILL wants to give you Ten Grand in Your Hand!

Go 95.3 and Go 96.3 are getting you qualified to put Ten Grand in Your Hand! Register below and listen for your name, three times each weekday at 9am, 2pm and 5pm — if we call your name, you have ten minutes to claim your cash and get into the running for the grand prize. If you don’t call us back, we’ll turn to caller ten, who will qualify for a shot at the grand prize and snag some cash.

Each qualifier will get a little change in their pocket — Go 95.3 qualifiers will receive $95 and Go 96.3 will receive $96 and get into the running for the ten grand.

GET SIGNED UP below and listen for your shot to win instant cash AND qualify to get Ten Grand in Your Hand before it ends on Oct 9th!

** you can qualify to get in the running for the grand prize more than once but you can only win the daily qualifying prize once

63 thoughts on “LAST WEEK! Go Radio still wants to put Ten Grand in Your Hand

  1. I always be close but never win so it stops at times to keep trying but ima hard worker. Keep up the good work u guys rock

    • I need to make a better life for me and my son we’ve been down on our luck for a while with no help after his father left us it’s been so hard while being so young and still learning how to be a mother I could really use this help

  2. Thanks Go953MN for another opportunity to win some cash cause I truly need it. Hoping and praying it’s me.

  3. I would take a vacation give my only daughter some Dead Presidents invest the rest man I wish I can get called 612-964-4908 let me be that one in that number woosah my fingers are tied up Twisted for luck imagine that go 95.3 true fan indeed I’m on the money👀💯🎯💸💸💸💸💸

  4. Baby due oct 4th and I have been real sick still need to buy more stuff no funds please , would be a blessing times are tough shoutout Northern Minnesota- me Peter Parker what’s up?

  5. First I enjoy quality music that causes me to move my bootay. I’ve had 6 hip surgeries the last one May 6, 2018. I haven’t had a vacation in over 5 years and I need to go to either Hawaii, or Paris and would use this money for a trip then help others with what’s left.

    • Ten grand would help me and my family out of debt.. Also it would help us to pay for our daughter gymnastics competitions. 🙏

  6. I have a 2 year old daughter, I would love to buy her all the stuff she needs since I’m struggling right now & I would use a good amount of it on a down payment on a car 🙏🏼

  7. To help clear some of my credit cards debts and take vacation abroad!

  8. Winning anit everything but being locked up listening 2 this station changed my life n everybody down at 95.3 really be putting in the work i appreciate yalls exsitice got me thru a depressive state and honestly the winnings would get me re start my life im only 21 n never had a car never have never traveled out of minnesota never seen things people with hella more opportunity n privileged get 2 do im just a 21 yr old kid from the citties n burbs that comes from hiphop influenced family n culture n 95.3 n the djs n everybody id like 2 think keep the love of hip hop alive in state tht has wonderful talents no one gets 2 see but 95.3 does just tht n there awesome because of tht not writing outa of greed or envys of someone who could win just love seeing go radio do these things for people n my community i grew up in😊

  9. I would go to to Africa and see my old man and visit the my moms graveyard the last time I saw him was in November 1995, good luck to all

  10. L9oking to get my son in sports this would help big with equipment and travel expenses.!! Wish me luck this kids ganna be a star either way !!! Love u son 💯💯😍👍💵💵💵

  11. I want to make my mom happy she’s been through soo much in life and with all the bills I have to pay rent my kids ect I never had enough large sum amount of money to give her at once she deserves the world because she is our world.

  12. Currently Traveling the US right now. Stumbled upon this station 😁

    If I won, I’d explore Minnesota more, document it and post it on social. Go to a bar here, buy a round of drinks for everyone. Order 5 juicy Lucy’s and eat it in on sitting. Also use some cash to share the good fortune 🙂

  13. I’m hoping for the best I could really use 10 grand I’m a poor young man who’s trying his hardest to life a dream I want to marry my girl that is the love of my life.

  14. just Want to take my grandma on a trip somewhere nice, to get her out of her home for awhile. She’s 89 and never been anywhere besides the city.

  15. I my daughter had had a tough life and I want to hello hey or more financially and this world be an amazing start for her.

  16. My wife and I are expecting our first in a month. It would absolutely save us on our medical bills and having to take time off of work without pay!

  17. Great radio station, supports local artist/talent. & my baby gets here in Nov so 10G would be a big help 🙏🏽

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